Probing the Computational Mechanisms of Meta-learning, Meta-cognition, Neuromotor Economics, and Body Perception.   

 In our lab, we delve into the intricacies of the brain, investigating how we acquire new motor skills and how self-awareness, or metacognition, plays a role in this process. We employ advanced tools to understand decision-making processes related to movement in humans and animals. Our goal is to develop innovative technologies that enhance human abilities, with an emphasis on translating our research into improved rehabilitation methods. By examining how we perceive our bodies, learn new skills, make decisions, and refine our learning approaches, we strive to maximize everyone's physical potential.

PhD Opportunity: Applicaitons are invited for a fully-funded 5-year PhD studentship in Humanics Program
A full-funded 3-year PhD studentship (if you have MS) in EMP Progrm and IMIS Progrm. There are also RA position for master and doctoral programs. Please email me if you are interested in joyning us.

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A New Model Sheds Light on How We Learn Motor Skills [paper]