Computational Neuroscience on motor control, motor learning,  action selection, and body recognition

In order to enhance human functions, we aim to comprehend how the brain and the body work together and produce motor behavior by viewing human as a system. We emphesize the importance of a close link between the brain and the body to study learning, control, memory, decision-making, neurorehabilitation, and neurohacking.

PhD Opportunity:

Applicaitons are invited for a fully-funded 5-year PhD studentship in Humanics Program,

a full-funded 3-year PhD studentship (if you have MS) in EMP Progrm and IMIS Progrm. There are also RA position for master and doctoral programs. Please email me if you are interested in joyning us.

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The Role of Motor Memory Dynamics in Structuring Bodily Self-Consciousness [Press Release][News]

Task-relevant and task-irrelevant variability causally shape error-based motor learning